The Dance Africa project is an initiative aimed at documenting cultural African dance throughout the regions and countries of the diverse African continent. Among the merits of the project, a primarily focus is for creating a cultural arts media archive for future generations, as well accessible stock footage for filmography and events.

What We Did

  • Content Management
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Testing and Troubleshooting


The website for this project needed to portray the flair of African dance and of Kinetica Productions as a culturally colourful and flamboyant company. The main aim of the website is as a showcase for theDance Africa project, and with a secondary aim of providing the company with a front door for other projects.

The website features a show/hide content button to the right of the screen which allows for hiding the main content in order to view the fullscreen slideshows or videos. It is also capable of natively playing embedded HTML5 video and audio content on any of it’s pages.

This website has a responsive design which scales content according to the screen size of the devicebeing used to view it. As with all of our websites, it also features cross-browser compatibility with most modern web browsers.