At Your Service

learn about our support system features and how to use them

We provide our subscribed clients with a support ticketing system, whereby they can submit fast and efficient requests for assistance by creating support tickets. Our support ticketing system features email piping, meaning that all responses are copied to the client via email, whereafter replies can also be sent via email and will be automatically captured by our system and updated to the ticket history. Tickets can also be replied to using our website. This provides unparalleled convenience to our clients in being able to respond from any mobile or desktop platform. To subscribe to our support services, please download our Service Level Agreement document under the Subscribe section at the bottom of this page, complete the form and send it back to us. Once we have received your completed form, you will receive user account details for access to our ticketing system, and other support services.

Quick Guide

using our support feature is fast and efficient, and all interactions are private and secure

Account Login

Log In to your user account with valid credentials. The login link is located under the Client Area links section of the main menu.

Create A Ticket

After logging in, the full Support Menu appears under the Client Area section of the main menu. Click Create Ticket, and complete the form.

Sending Replies

After we have responded, you will be notified by email, whereafter you can reply via email or by using our website.

Support Packages

we offer a range of great value for money support packages

Take a look at our basic packages to get an idea of the features and costs involved. Should your support needs exceed the scope of these packages, then we will provide you with an appropriate quotation following your detailed brief, or our consultation with you.