Continental Tyre South Africa

Continental Tyre Travel Map

Graphic Design

Project Brief

Continental Tyre is a leading global tyre brand with a strong presence in South Africa and abroad. Marketing for the company was headed at the time by Dustine Gascoigne, with Anton Verwey at the helm for the company’s Conti Partner retail affiliate program.


This project was developed by us in 2004, as an affordable and relevant means of marketing and branding for automotive related companies. This was prior to the advent of map enabled smartphones, and the mass market affordability of after-market vehicle GPS systems. Nevertheless, sheet maps still remain relevant in terms of cost effectiveness, and providing the traveller with a better perception of distance and location than the small screens of GPS devices. 30000 copies were printed for Continental Tyre and distributed through their Conti Partner and Conti Club retail affiliate stores.

The entire map was generated and refined from available GIS data that was imported into Adobe Illustrator to adapt for print. 1000m resolution SRTM Digital Elevation Model data was procured from NASA and then transformed into the correct map projection type. This was then compiled into an image overlay for both the regional and national maps.

What We Did

  • Cartography
  • Design
  • Index Compilation
  • Digital Elevation Model Overlay
  • Print Outsourcing